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Pink Lady Cocktail Drink Recipe

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  1. It's one of the classic drinks that has a long history.

  2. This is one of my favorite drink. I'm a bartender and i really love to mix this drink . Thumbs up jtiano !

  3. Can you use the same cream we put on the cofee? or milk for that matter?

  4. Use uncooked egg whites at your own risk

  5. You're right. Bartenders don't use egg whites in drinks any more because most raw eggs have salmonella.

  6. a real pink lady has egg white

  7. nice work. what if there's no cream…

  8. Thanks for your comments. What makes you right and me wrong?

  9. @KillerKIown
    ur fucking sick

  10. OMG I WANT ONE!!!!! (i was just watching coreline and she was handing out pink lemonade to these old aristocrats and they were like ooooh pink ladies!) so i had to know what they were talknig about! oooh now i want one!

  11. Um, this music is entirely inappropriate for this video. An older man, describing the history and recipe for an old timey drink… get a banjo/ fiddle combo piece for the soundtrack and trash the techno. Christ…

  12. haha we get the hint, grenadine isn't alcoohlic 😛

  13. i bet that tastes really good

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