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Plov Recipe – Uzbek Pilaf Rice with Garlic by FinestRecipe

Garlic Plov (Uzbek pilaf rice with garlic) recipe: with text and photo instructions, in both American and metric measures.
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  1. very nicely done looks delicious .

  2. very clear instructions love it

  3. I really enjoyed watching your cooking Video of this Dish! Thank you!

  4. I ate it years ago cooked by an Uzbek friend love it and it was in my mind to make it all this years, today is the day!!!

  5. This traditional uzbek plov gives me a stimulus to my appetite. Nice video.

  6. looks delicious.. i'm planning to open up an Uzbek cuisine restaurant in Saudi Arabia. Do you know any talented chef would be interested to come work with me?.

  7. My husband made his Pelovi just right.He couldn't get the rice black enough.So it's Pelovi over on me.
    Enriched Pelovi, a strong relationship.Getting over on you.#treats

  8. This is the best recipe i can cook pilov it tasts so sweet and amazing

  9. +Shpoon Sehrai, there are more than 100 Plov recipes in Uzbekistan, depending on the region. Some of them call for raisins, others don't. This is a true recipe for plov with garlic.

  10. where is the reasons ?.. a uzubuki rice without reasons or sultana ??

  11. The best ever explanation how to cook Palaw.

  12. Привет. Большое спасибо for sharing this very beautiful, healthy, and delicious recipe. I am an Afghani person living in North America and I had the immense pleasure of enjoying a generous serving of Plov at a Uzbek/Tajik restaurant in my city a few weeks ago, and that was the first time I tried Uzbek cuisine, and I absolutely loved every bite. Since then, I am very glad to say that I have become totally hooked on Soviet cuisine, which is awesome, and so far some other yummy food items which I have tremendously savoured are Solyanka, Kharcho, Borsch, Adarjian Khachapuri, Chibureki, Lula Kebob, and Chicken Tabaka. I look forward to my next visit to a restaurant serving wonderful Soviet cuisine and enjoying many additional yummy food items from beautiful Россия. And, many thanks to the valuable help provided in wonderful video tutorials such as yours, I also look forward to cooking up some sumptuous Soviet food in my own kitchen. May the Lord always bless and protect Российская Федерация, its wonderful people, and the wonderful Mr. Putin (my favorite politician). Keep posting/sharing more of your wonderful productions here on YouTube. Очень приятно.

  13. thank you from San Diego, Ca. i will try to make this coming Sunday.

  14. What is the best type of rice for uzbek plov? Im having trouble making good plov with the right really matters!

  15. I make better than for this with basmati karnol super Ric thanks 

  16. Looks very delicious and can't wait to try it….   thanks for sharing.

  17. not Uzbekistan azerbajan

  18. Thank u for this tutorial! I'm gonna ask my mom to make it😋

  19. I made this and it turned out DELICIOUS! Thank you for  your help. 

  20. What do you usually do with the garlic when cooked??

  21. Can you use long grain Basmati rice for this meal? I only see pilaf being used. 

  22. Great recipe!  I am going to make this for this thanksgiving!

  23. omg i had this dish once back in  1998 and i still cant forget how delicious it was, ill definitely try to cook this dish but 500g of oil is a bit too much, dont u think?

  24. Great video! The pilaf looks delicious!

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