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Pumpkin Cake Recipe – Cooker Cake – Halloween Special – Eggless Baking Without Oven


Its Halloween Time! Lets make a delectable Pumpkin Cake without oven!! The sponge cake which is made for this is one of the best I’ve ever had! Combination of Pumpkin and the Garam Masala is divine! And , And, That luscious White Chocolate and whipped cream is truly awesome!

Text Recipe is here:

Thanks 🙂


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  1. Excellent….excellent …..excellent….God Bless You…..

  2. hey..
    awesome looking cake
    can i try n use guava puree instead of pumpkin(of course deseeded guava)?
    what changes in the ingredients and quantity would i need to do?
    have been looking for eggless guava cake recipe in cooker but couldnt find in any indian site..

  3. Hi Dear do let us know how to prepare fondant too….

  4. How to make butter cream dear….

  5. are your all the recipes veg

  6. You are so talented brother

  7. Your recipe is real easy and cake has come out too good. I admire your enthusiasm especially hard work, self learning and experimenting.

  8. thank you for recipes. your recipes are very simple and easy. can you please add recipe of fondant and butter cream

  9. I am always experimenting with things.. And finally, if the result comes out good, I upload it! 🙂 Practice makes me going!

  10. you are awesome..where do you learn cooking shooking? 🙂 or do you research the recipes on your own? either way i salute you 🙂

  11. We'll add soon!!! 🙂

    Text recipe coming up by tomorrow 🙂

  12. Thanks.. Pumpkin and Cinnamon goes really well with each other.. So i thought, why not try our own Garam Masala in it? Added to this and it was awesome! We just add to enhance the flavor of the Pumpkin!

    This cake is sweet 🙂

  13. want fondant recipe and butter cream too

  14. U work really very hard…tell me one thing ..why we add garam masala in it?? Isn't this cake sweet?

  15. Amazing brother..u r great…

  16. Great! looking forward!

  17. We'll make and upload it soon 🙂 🙂

  18. Homemade fondant recipe please!

  19. We'll make them again and upload soon.. But before that, we'll add those recipes on our site!

  20. Hi chef, you are awesome!

  21. Somya Ji,

    Sure.. We'll make these soon! :))

  22. yes plz postva video on how to make buttercream and fomdant

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