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Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Drink Recipe

Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Drink Recipe is a nice variation of the class Mohito.. Subscribe for more drink recipe videos weekly.More recipes at http:// barbook.com/drink-recipes
1 oz. (30 ml) light rum
1 oz. (30 ml) simple syrup or sugar
8 mint leaves muddled
1 oz. (30 ml) fresh lime juice or lime quarters muddled
fill with soda water


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  1. These videos are so insightful. Thank you!

  2. Sorry my friend, but i have to tell u some mistakes u did. At first, u should use normal brown sugar, or homemade bar sirup from brown sugar. Second thing is, that u should use raspberries and muddle it with limes. And the last think is, that if u have a bar spoon, u should use it right. Thats mean the bigger side in glass and make circle move up and down. Sorry for my english.

  3. My problem with this video is:
    – When you make a normal Mojito you tell us most bartenders make the mistake to use too much mint, just use three mintleaves. But now you use far more…even on top to let it look cool. Why?
    – Second, simple syrup isn't two parts water and one part sugar but one part each with the sugar dissolved in the water.
    – Third, in this video you really measure the ingredients without sidepouring, agood thing, But you use far to much sodawater which kills the drink.

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