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Recipe for Carrot and Peas Pilaf (Pulao), Indian Rice Recipe

Learn how to make carrot and peas pilaf (pulao) by watching this recipe video. This kind of rice is best served with chutney or raita (yogurt preparation).You can try these with your favourite curry too.
1 tsp Cumin seeds
2 tbsp oil for cooking
1 cup Basmati (or Jasmine rice)
You can use other varieties too.
1 cup each Carrots and Peas
2.5 cups of water
1 tsp red chilli pwd (Paprika)
Salt per taste


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  1. Very good recipe. Really enjoyed it with your Chicken Curry recipe. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a plan. I need to make some mango chutney now 🙂

  3. Thanks Lainey. Glad you stopped by!

  4. Thanks Richard 🙂 Madras sounds great. spicier the better..right?

  5. Nice rice Aditi! You know me I am going to go for the red chili! What kind of curry would you suggest for this rice? I have some Madras that I can make a good sauce with? Nice spicy and healthy dish!

  6. I made a nice roasted chicken and served the rice and chutney with it. It was wonderful, I will be making this rice again.

  7. Anything rice is soooo delicious!! nomnom

  8. funny you should say that, the other thing I like when I'm sick is yellow daal 😛 it's one of my all time comfort food.

  9. oh yeah..right..I remember whenever we were sick as kids my mom always fed us khichdi (its lentils and rice cooked together..)

  10. I like it for when I'm sick because I make it flavorful but mild.

  11. Thanks for stopping by. Mutter Pulao is so yummy. I usually like it with some chutney or raita but by all means not bad on its own.

  12. Sounds good. Thanks for stopping by Vickie. I subbed!

  13. Thank you. Simple and flavorful.

  14. Oh yeah..Mango chutney will be so good with the rice. What kinda chicken will you be making?

  15. I just love your recipes! This one is so simple and nice. making chicken tomorrow night and think I will try this as a side. I have mango chutney in my fridge – will that work with the rice?

  16. I love muttar pulau! I never thought to use carrots in before. The way I learned to make it has a lot more flavor though so it's almost like fried rice w/o being fried. It's great to even eat on it's own (if you a student and don't feel like cooking a big meal 😛 ) Thank you for the video 🙂

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