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Red kidney beans curry, Rajma recipe

Traditional rajma curry made in non-traditional way. Rajma cooked in pot (without pressure cooker, without boiling them). How to make rajma chawal? Easy way to make rajma curry


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  1. It took me 2 and a half hours to make rather then the 30 mins given as the kidney beans had only been soaked over night and not boiled. But it was still nice. Just not the right timing given

  2. Hello I tried your Kidney bean curry today. As you stated it takes 30 mins to make after you have put the water and kidney beans in, it took me 2 and half hours as the kidney beans were only soaked over night and not boiled. Please advice how you made it so quickly as I made the curry like you had stated. It still was nice at the end. Thank you

  3. Is there a printable recipe please.

  4. Hi,very nice pot.pls tell me it's brand name and from where did u buy it?hope u will answer.

  5. 0:34 not garlic cloves… They are just cloves

  6. heyi you forgot to tell about the quantity of kidney beans 

  7. Nice – Rajma is so nice that we had to do two styles: a Kashmiri style recipe and a Punjabi style Recipe!

  8. Practice my friend 🙂 usually spices are added in proportion to how much beans/veggies/meat you are cooking.

  9. 45 mins to an hr. You can use canned beans too. if cooking from scratch , then make sure they are soaked in water overnight. makes cooking them easier.

  10. How long should I boil the kidney beans for?

  11. Hi u seems to be good cook can u do vid of yorgurt curry pls

  12. Appreciate your feedback 🙂

  13. you are soo hot and beautiful really

  14. Appreciate your feedback 🙂 Thank you.

  15. wow it looks great but please !!! could you do something with your hair in the end when you are trying the food it really doesnt look "delicious" anymore…but thanks a lot for the recipe ! 🙂

  16. @eateastIndian Oh ok would hav loved to see u as a beauty guru :)))

  17. Aww..thanks a lot dear but seriously Hair/beauty are not my forte..am just passionate about cooking, wish could learn a few hairstyles myself rather than plain straight kind..Cheers!

  18. Appreciate your kind words 🙂

  19. Hi,Thank you so much for your delicious recipes :-),I tried this dish today, it came out very well,Your recipes are healthy and easy to make,Hope to see more,Thanks again :-).

  20. Hey can u make vid's on beauty/hair … you look pretty stylish n seems u tk cre of urslf a lot … right ??

  21. Glad I could be of help 🙂 Hope you are enjoying cooking and experimenting with Indian spices and dishes.

  22. My family loves Indian food, so I've decided to try some at home. Thank you very much for all your help. I find your videos very helpful!

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