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Salted Cashewnuts Recipe – 2 Minute Roasted Kaju – CookingShooking

In this quick video, we will be making roasted cashew nuts at home. This is a very easy recipe, and a great snack or a gift for any season. This 2 minute recipe is healthier compared to packaged ones, which usually contains unhealthy fats to fry the cashewnuts.

Cashewnuts – as per choice
Salt – 1 cup

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  1. Hello from Venezuela. Here, we call it MEREY
    But my question is: may I use this tecnic with peanuts ? Gracias

  2. Sir wonderchef ka royal velvet cookware set kaisa hai

  3. You made my day yaman. Today only I was thinking can I make it at home coz it's very costly out & here you are with this mind blowing recipe. Lots of blessings

  4. As usual fantastic yaman bhai

  5. Easiest recipe. Will definitely make it. Awesome video 😊.

  6. we r preparing every recipe prepared by u really excellent

  7. I remember subscribing to your channel when you had around 20k…now looking at the quality of your videos,variety of ideas and growth of this channel,it's like we have travelled together all along!so happy for You!!Excited and awaiting you soon to hit 1 million sub!!❤

  8. Very nice and very easy I like this recipe so much

  9. Cool cooking .Thanq.god always Happy it takes u to happy life.much luv.

  10. Amazing idea Yaman. I used to think it's difficult to get sand for roasting nuts. And that's the only reason I buy roasted nuts from the shops. Very simple but an amazing alternative for that and automatically salted nuts… wow…. you are amazing….

  11. hey m big fan of urs…
    I like the way u cook
    plz plz plz share choclate recepie before valentines…

  12. 1 small tip….. In this kaju can add dry masala… Dry chillis, blck paper, karrileaves, little kushkush, senda namak.. rost n ground masala… 1 spoon of ghee n this dry masala… N toss the kaju…it ll b amezing

  13. Much needed video. Thanks for uploading

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