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Samosa recipe, How to make Samosas at home

Samosa recipe: Learn how to make veg samosas at home with this cooking video. Veg Samosas are the most popular Indian snack/appetizer. It’s basically all purpose flour dough, filled with potato stuffing and spices and then deep fried.


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  1. Iam in Australia and I bought that from woolworths 

  2. But tonight I went shopping I bought plain flour for making samosa I didn't find all purpose flour

  3. Can we use plan flour for samosas ??????? plz rply it's very urgent

  4. they look good.. Im mexican and I can see myself eating these.. ILL make some.. this weekend thanks for video

  5. this is ridiculous, im sorry but u never put onions in samosas! considering its the most famous etc etc u should know how it is prepared, THE MOST Famous punjabi samosas do not have onions

  6. Hello my friend. Thanks for stopping by. Yes you can substitute red chilli pwd with Cayenne. You've got some good basic Indian spices and a lot of veggies/meat dishes require them. You can certainly cook some wonderful Indian food with these like aloo gobhi, lentils, chicken curry etc. Cardamom is mainly used in desserts. happy cooking 🙂 Check out some of my videos for some ideas.

  7. You are welcome. Its one of the best samosa recipes.

  8. nice

    and thanks its nice to make

  9. Yummy recipes! I suscribed 🙂
    Can I change red chilli powder for cayenner pepper?
    I can´t find Indian spices in the country I live (Mexico)
    What can I cook when I just count with these main Indian ingridients: cardamom seeds, ghee, turmeric, curry and cummin seeds.

  10. I'm comfused did your mom turn into a man at the end? lol

  11. Sounds awesome. Hope you'll enjoy some of our other recipe videos too.

  12. Thankyou, explained very simply! 🙂

  13. and so darn easy to make. stick around I am going to post a healthier version baked samosas soon.

  14. Going to have a go ourselves as we love them, so expensive to buy. Thanks

  15. Looking forward to the video of the spinach samosas already! 🙂

  16. You are very welcome my friend.

  17. Awesome. I made some baked spinach samosas last week and they were fantastic. Will be posting video soon. I am sure your hubby will love them too.

  18. Aww..Thats great 🙂 The other day I baked some spinach samosas rather then frying. They turned out so good. I can't wait to post the video and get your opinion on it.

  19. Wonderful! I just made a sambusa – Ugandan – similar to a samosa, for the first time. It came out GREAT. I followed your recipe and dough steps, I just changed the ingredients to potatoes, red onion, chives, celery, curry powder, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. OMG. My husband is going nuts!!! LOL. Thank you!!!

  20. you're stupid,who puts gloves on while cooking? ewww

  21. They were a roaring success! You saved me from the mistake of making them with filo pastry – as I have always used filo in the past. The samosas are so much better using flour dough!!!

    Thank your mum too! 😉

  22. Thanks for watching. How did they turn out?

  23. Will keep that in mind for future.

  24. Thanks for the lesson – I am cooking them for friends tonight!!! Brilliant tutorial.

    The comment about wearing gloves…seriously? You've never worked in a professional kitchen.

  25. Thanks you and yes, will post baked spinach samosa recipe soon.

  26. Great stuff. Can you post the recipe for the baked spinach samosas? Thanks!!

  27. 🙂 Thank you. I am enjoying all your love and support.

  28. Thank you for sharing…delicious looking and I can't wait to try it. You and your mom are adorable cooking together…I see where you get your cooking talent ;o)

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