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Smurf Cocktail Drink Recipe

Smurf Cocktail Drink Recipe. More drink recipes http:// Cocktail Drink Recipe


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  1. Its like a vodka sunrise almost

  2. Thanks for your reply. Send me new recipes that are popular in your area.

  3. @jtiano ha ha, yes our cuisine has improved dramatically, we also offer government run English lessons as well as have a national health service, both might come in useful for that strange dialect you've invented for yourself.

  4. @armedbandit Thanks for your comments. We have had thousands of our graduates find good jobs and have the paper work to prove it. Have you English learned how to cook or is your bartending skills on par with your culinary.

  5. @jtiano with over 10 years experience, I have trained numerous top bartenders and mixologists in London. Any bartender/manager worth his salt knows bar school training means nothing. I would never employ anyone who's only experience was in a bartending school and your videos further prove my point.

  6. @armedbandit What makes you such an expert? How many bartenders have you trained?

  7. @Magrakamajiora none of his drinks are relevant to any form of bartending…

  8. Wtf, why is this not blue?

  9. in Denmark we call this drink Filur cuz it taste like the danish ice-cream called Filur 🙂

  10. Well considering "Roses" is made from cherry juice and corn syrup, and just about every bar I have ever been to or worked at back in the day uses that brand I stick to my statement.

  11. It CAN be made from cherry juice and sugar, if you're buying a cheap, disgusting alternative.

    However, real grenadine is and should be made from pomegranate, you jumped up little twit.

  12. Grenadine was originally made from pomegranate juice that was boiled, but now it does not contain any pomegranate juice and is usually made from corn syrup and CHERRY JUICE.

    I did look it up and it looks like I was right.

  13. Grenadine is pomegranate. Look it up.

  14. since when is grenadine a pomegranate flavored item? I always thought it was cherry flavored. I know it is what you put in a coke to make a cherry coke.

  15. i do have to agree the smurf does make it seem it should be a blueish color

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