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soya chunks curry, Soya recipe (Indian veg), soya curry

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How to make soya chunks curry? Soya recipe with spinach (peas optional), Indian vegetarian curry recipe with soya chunks and spinach? Recipe for soya curry.


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  1. Very good idea of adding spinach and green peas.thank you.

  2. Thankyou for the recipe!!! It looks so simple and healthy…i'll try today. 

  3. A delicious, healthy recipe, nicely, explained and cooked. I will try to make this curry. – With best wishes!!!

  4. Very nice recipe! I've tried this today and it was easy and tasty

  5. Very nice recipe! I've tried this today and it was easy and tasty

  6. you are a perfect explainer.

  7. I just bought some soy wadi today for the first time. will make this recipe, Thank!

  8. It can be any heavy bottom pan, wok, karahi, pot 🙂

  9. nothing really..surprised that you find it amusing 🙂

  10. receipe was good…bt what went wrong wit the accent!!! ppl hv Big Tim identity crisis disorders…..hilarious!!

  11. Let it simmer a bit longer in the curry. Glad you still liked it 🙂

  12. You are always welcome my friend 🙂

  13. @eateastIndian The US, Arizona actually 🙂

  14. thank you 🙂 Where you from?

  15. I love your accent!!! 🙂

  16. lol..thats what all moms do 🙂

  17. it reminds me of the days when my mom use to force feed me spinach ! Nw im bigger and stronger lol

  18. lolol…why dont u like spinach ???

  19. nooooooooooooooooooooooo no spinach !

  20. Thank you for the recipe!

  21. why and how you probably ask doctor … but its well known fact … spinach and tomatoes shouldn't be used together

  22. ofcourse you can..will be richer and more creamier 🙂

  23. Tried this recipe for tea tonight.Went down a treat,Cheaper than a take away,Thank You,

  24. can't we add coconut milk instead of 1 cup water ?

  25. 57 likes and 4 dislikes till now,

  26. yes .. spinach and tomatoes should not be together and that results in the formation of stones in the kidneys

  27. hmmmmm…. thats funny. tx

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