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Stir Fry : Sweet and Spicy Shrimp : Authentic Chinese Cooking

For Seafood & Spicy Chinese Food Lovers: here is for you. Retired Chef Cook Fai, teaches and show you , how to make this mouth watering and delicious dish.


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  1. Yay! Subscribed 🙂 Is there a video for Sweet & Sour Fish? is Sweet & Sour Fish authentic Chinese food or is that more Western Chinese?

  2. Looks delicious…I'll be preparing this for dinner tomorrow evening!

  3. Can anyone else hear the nasal whistling? Lol

  4. I love your videos and love cooking. where can I get those beautiful dishes ?

  5. @HAPPY WOK can i use green chili sauce & white oil instead of red chili sauce & sesame oil ?

  6. Magic premixed source:)

  7. Chef, this is the next recipe of yours I want to try! I love sweet & spicy dishes! I have a few questions….
    1) My partner is allergic to shrimp [ 🙁 too bad, I love it! ] Can I replace shrimp with chicken in this recipe?
    2) Can I make this with a little more gravy? I like to have bit more liquid gravy when having it with rice…how to do that, maintaining the flavours? Please help! 🙂 

  8. What else did u serve it with 

  9. Always come here 1st for great tips and dishes,simplythebest,Ally

  10. Chef, thank you so much for these videos! I moved from a city with lots of good Chinese restaurants to one without them and was sad. Watching your videos I now cook Chinese food myself and it tastes wonderful!

  11. Can you please write down the ingredients n measurements down in the info area. Much easier. Thanks.

  12. What kind of material is your wok made of?  Is that stainless steel or carbon steel?

  13. Hi there,
    What kind of cooking oil do you recommend?
    All of your recipes are amazing thank you for sharing them with us 👌👌

  14. Chef – How often do you change the temperature of your stove?  Are you moving it up an down as needed?

  15. Your food are sooooo yummy and very easy to prepare !!!! Thanks a lot for sharing. Im adding this on my menu list:) 

  16. Can I use flour in stead of corn starch?

  17. Hi just want to know can i use any vinegar? Not the same
    Like u, chinkiang is meant vinegar or what?

  18. Hi Chef, What can I use instead of honey? Honey allergy

  19. Very nice! Love your dishes. By the way, are you able to make Braised Ee-Fu noodles w/ mushroom? I'd like to see your recipe and try making that! 

  20. Here I am again. Making another of your recipes. My husband LOVES it. He wants me to make it again. I made it with noodles

  21. I don't know if anyone else noticed but you take an extremely deep breath every time you show an ingredient.

  22. Have you ever tried this with chicken?  Would it be good that way?  I have all of the ingredients except shrimp on hand, and would love to try it.

  23. Great job! Looks amazing.  I almost banged my teeth into the monitor.  :)

  24. Looks so TASTY! 🙂 Even better with rice.

  25. Looks great.It would go good over rice or noodles.

  26. this looks so good  i got to  try this

  27. Wow!!! Looks good. Come back to Houston!!!! Lol

  28. Wahh so hungryyyy

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