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Succotash! Succotash Recipe – Recipe for Succotash – How to Make Succotash Salad

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www.Local8Now.com Chef Walter Lambert brings a real winner with his Summer Succotash Salad. This dish is loaded with fresh vegetables – sweet oven roasted corn, local cherry tomatoes, lima beans and red onion. All of it is dressed with a terrific dressing that uses low fat mayonnaise, which takes about 400 calories out of the dish! This summer succotash salad is light, refreshing and absolutely addictive!
Chef Walter: We’re going to make a dish today, Jan, that is based on good, fresh corn.

Jan: The whole thing is so delicious. It’s amazing.

Chef Walter: She cheated and tasted before we got here.

Jan: A lot of it.

Chef Walter: Let me tell you how I cook corn.

Jan: Okay.

Chef Walter: I go back to the stem-end and just feel where the cob starts.

Jan: Right.

Chef Walter: Get a sharp knife, which this one isn’t. Cut that off.

Jan: Okay.

Chef Walter: I do the same thing on the other end. Just feel for the end of the cob.

Jan: You’re not going to worry about shucking it, silking it, or anything?

Chef Walter: I’m not going to shuck it a bit, I’m not going to silk it a bit. I then put that . . . got to get these knives sharpened, Jan. It’s your fault that it’s so dull. I don’t know why, but it is. Take that piece of corn; put it in a 350 degree oven. Not a microwave; a 350 degree oven. Let it cook about 25 minutes. Bring it out and let it cool enough that you don’t burn yourself, and you’ve got corn that is moist, sweet, tender. I don’t put butter on it, I don’t put salt on it; I just eat it.

Jan: It’s really good. We’ve been picking out a bowl.

Chef Walter: We’re going to make that into a succotash; corn and limas.

Jan: Right.

Chef Walter: Then we’re going to turn that into a salad. I’ve got 4 ears of corn that I cooked the way I just showed you, cut off. I’ve got a pound bag of frozen succotash. I’ve been talking all this stuff about fresh stuff and I’m using frozen, but don’t say anything.

Jan: It happens.

Chef Walter: We’ve got little tomatoes, grape tomatoes that were grown up in Granger County.

Jan: Of course.

Chef Walter: Then we’ve got a bell pepper and red onion that I have no idea where they were grown, to make up the salad. The dressing’s kind of interesting. There’s ½ cup of mayo in this big thing.

Jan: You used a low-fat mayonnaise.

Chef Walter: I used low-fat. Half the calories, half the oil, and it’s good.

Jan: It really is good.

Chef Walter: That is some chopped up basil, about 3 tablespoons. That’s exactly 1 clove of garlic.

Jan: Exactly?

Chef Walter: Yeah, exactly. I do things very precisely when I’m making salad. We’re going to put in a teaspoon of Worcestershire, just like that. Then we’re going to put in salt and black pepper to taste; will taste like enough salt and some pepper. Then we stir that baby up and put it on there.

Jan: I’ll stir it up for you.

Chef Walter: Then refrigerate this at least a couple of hours, because these, definitely, flavors need to blend. That’s really all there is too it.

Jan: All of it.

Chef Walter: Make a great, great delicious . . . put it all there.

Jan: Okay. We get it out of the way?

Chef Walter: Yeah. I’ll put it right over here with that ear of corn that I’ll roast in the oven, and half of my lunch. You come out with . . . did we look at the centerpiece? We ought to.

Jan: We need to.

Chef Walter: This is proof . . . put your hand over here and let them see how big that centerpiece is. See? That’s an enormous one.

Jan: It’s baby.

Chef Walter: I think I hurt myself carrying it in. There you go, there’s the salad, ready. You can make this in the morning. It will hold up nicely. Make it in the morning, serve it for dinner. Just cover it tightly. Keep it in the refrigerator. I tell y’all this when you get the recipe. You know how to get that, don’t you? Chef’s Recipe, 6450 Papermill Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919. Send your self-addressed stamped envelope, or go to Local 8 Now and get it now, and you won’t need an envelope.


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