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Super simple Indian Okra recipe, Bhindi ki sabzi, Okra masala

How to make Okra (lady finger) Indian style? Frying Okra with Indian spices for a simple but tasty Okra recipe.


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  1. Thank u for the simple recipe

  2. I've made this a couple of times and I'm going to make it again tonight!  My wife loves it and even my Dad, who doesn't care for Indian food digs it.  Thanks!

  3. it does change in color after being cooked. it tastes good though!

  4. we lost the bright green color of okra here, can cook it separately to retain color.

  5. I find that lot of people have acquired taste for okra. They either like it or not. I love it and surely do hope that you'll enjoy it too. Your bf better like fun cooking!

  6. Very very good! I added a can of diced tomatoes (drained!) and a lot of garlic!
    I remember long ago trying this from a cookbook and it ended up slimy… this was really nice tho and full of flavor! I hope my boyfriend likes it too! 🙂

  7. i know you did that fast because your baby was crying!!! poor baby 🙁

  8. Thank you 🙂 Glad it turned out awesome for you!

  9. 10/10 this is execllent i tried it and after 20yrs i made none slimy okra thankyou for this great recipie

  10. Cool so the excitement has just begin..I have lot of good recipe videos on my channel. Hope you'll have fun browsing and cooking them 🙂

  11. Congrats 🙂 How far along?
    I have this panjiri recipe (It's traditional Indian food) which is supposed to be really really really good during last trimester and first few days after delivery. Hope you'll try it!

  12. Now this has got to be the simplest recipe I ever tried. All thanks to you…

  13. No problem. Happy cooking!

  14. This kid from Boston thanks you as he forgot almost a lot of stuff that he was taught back at home. THANK YOU!

  15. Simple and nice recipe. Thanks

  16. doesen't the stickiness stay from the okra?

  17. @2masdos3 Thanks for taking time to comment 🙂 Yes, ofcourse more fish recipes coming! Did you try Spicy Salmon Fry yet? It's yummy!

  18. namaskar,you are great lady!!!please more recipes with fish!!!thanks

  19. @bluebossa25 Sounds great. hope you'll enjoy it!

  20. lol sounds like even your baby was excited to see how great your dish turned out. I'll try this recipe tonight thanks

  21. @cusmadin Thanks for commenting!

  22. @MrAndyback Lots of thanks here 🙂 Appreciate them!

  23. @nawasunitasam Glad you liked it!

  24. I looked at many okra recipes and found you are the best and best teacher. Especially having focused on your cooking rather than yourself. How naughty some teachers are to exploit sex in their cooking videos. I praise your demonstration.

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