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Thanksgiving Dinner Part 1, Holiday Recipes

Max and Rebecca share tips and recipe twists to liven up your Thanksgiving menu. They’re cooking turkey, a stuffing stand-in adapted from Bon Appetit & Molly Wizenberg of Orangette, and more. 


Working Class Foodies is a weekly show on the Hungry Nation network with great food, organic recipes, and affordable cooking tips.



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  1. Mmmmm!!! Great. But I'll stick with my gravy recipe. It's way better. ;)

  2.  Brussel sprouts…I always thought they tasted like sucking on car keys..HOWEVER .seeing your yummy recipe made me rethink em' Thanks!

  3. Why do Americans wash meat? Especially chicken and turkey? The germs from the meat will contanimate your sink and worktops. Wipe any residue off with a dry paper towel. Any remaining bacteria or residue will be killed and cooked off by the heat of the oven.

  4. I cooked this year during the entire day for about 45 people. Not even talking about the three days I spent cleaning everything up, but I just love that time of the year. getting ready for Christmas.

  5. Fuck this shit, eating food to celebrate the killing of millions of native Americans

  6. It is July and it is 95 degrees and I am making a list for this for dinner tonight.

  7. i really am so hungry right now!!!

  8. It's HERBS!!! With a fucking H

  9. OMG im like a little 12 year old girl right now I'm so exited definitely going to do EVERY recipes on this video for thanksgiving. Thank you for making this video you have sparked the foody in me once again it has been such a long time since i hot so exited about food. 😉

  10. wow AMAZING! Def. gonna try your Brussels sprout recipe, thank you and have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  11. love the way you did the turkey , i dont like turkey but i might try it this way for thanksgiving

  12. CUTE LEMON BEAGLE!!!!! 5:06

  13. And then we eat and eat and eat and eat and eat untill we die!

  14. I have made your cranberry sauce, and its awesome! Thank you!

  15. I CAN'T WAIT TO COOK!!!!! I will def use some of the recipes!!!

  16. You guys are always awesome!

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