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The BEST Philly Cheesesteak Recipe EVER!

This has to be one of the world’s most famous sandwiches… Can Jamie improve on it? More importantly, can YOU improve on it? Could we make history with the best sandwich EVER?

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  1. I'm not a Yank or anything, but I thought that an authentic Philly Cheesesteak required a specific processed cheese namely Cheese Whiz, which is desirable for it's pouring and melting qualities. Probably the worst one I ever had was here in Norfolk where they just plunked a entire steak (not even thinly sliced) on top of a bread roll, and claimed it was authentic… o-O

  2. dont toast the bread fry it in garlic butter makes it crispier and tastier

  3. I would also add some mushrooms with onions and pepper. Tastes so good. 😄

  4. I don't know why…….but my mouth is watering

  5. Nothing like lame ass Brits trying to teach the world how to cook…. The "Great" British food is the joke of Europe LOL. I don't know why these guys even bother. Yeah, I know, both Gordon Ramsay with his failed fake ass restaurant and Jamie pumpkin Oliver can kiss my ass, not to mention canned-sardine Nigella and every other half-0baked British TV chef out there. Fuck you all… nobody buys into your bogus cooking shows.

  6. Joe Beez in Kingston, NY. Order the Balboa. it's a quality cheesesteak with bacon and is absolutely delicious!

  7. MmMmMm cheesesteak… I have been planning on making homemade cheesesteak, but was going to create a whiz style provolone sauce. Instead, I think I will try it with provolone slices the first time(s) to make sure I get everything else right before I progress to the whiz. Looks good guys!!

  8. Do you guys ever forget your camera in the refrigerator?

  9. notice how jamie subtely let barry cut the onion?

  10. The music in this is awesome!

  11. if you use pepper or salt tsk tsk puhhlease…. and never use ribeye… ugh psh as if. i can smell your shit through my speakers you effin betches and how dare you… and also Just kinding…. You guys are fine and would make a fine philly cheese steak. The comments though are petty and not worth anyone's time. People seem to think that they know everything from watching a cooking show or they know everything because a renowned chef said something once. food is food and it isnt going to help bring jesus back. do what you want with it and be creative.

  12. This is a dipshit cheesesteak. no one in Philadelphia would make one like this. first off and most neighborhoods it's American cheese not cheese whiz or the shit you just used. and you would never find a green pepper on a cheesesteak in Philly only in other places in the country

  13. The real winner here is me because I'm eating the sandwich. 😂😂🍔

  14. guess they didn't buy their cheese steak in philly.. its called philly cheese steak for a reason.. not wawa in flordia cheese steak or wherever you went, even allentown which is an hour away from philly most places can't make a proper cheese steak

  15. Who is that cutie that uselessly stands around? 😍

  16. Maybe you were dissapointed, because you went to the wrong place for the cheese steak.


    If you're going to use ribeye or any quality meat. Slowly roast it to medium rare and slice it. Duh.

  18. in Philly we don't even call it a "Philly cheesesteak" we just call it a cheese steak lol

  19. my tip, put on top what you have here a Chilli(not the vegetable, but the dish), it is super messy but your tastebuts explode. The bread also could have a little butter before toasting.
    So it becomes a ChilliCheeseSteak Sandwhich ?!!!

  20. You need to add cheese wiz on the provolone

  21. those be fighting words round where I live.

  22. Philli Cheesesteak is American!!!

  23. If you like good Philly food, The Reading Terminal Market is your place.

  24. Barry. Stop. With. The. Finger. Licking.

  25. I'm so happy you guys used my tips. I used to work in sub shop that were known for their philly cheese steaks. Another tip would be to put mayonnaise on the bread. People go bananas for them.

  26. i have always loved philly cheesesteaks. But i like them with a bit of cheese whiz on the bun.

  27. I'm from Philly and you made what we would consider a 'posh; version of the sandwich. I would eat that in one second, looks amazing.

  28. I'm a whiz less cheesesteak guy myself so I don't prefer the on from Philadelphia the best phillycheese steak I had was in New Jersey!!! lol no whiz boo!!

  29. Am I the only one who thinks that guy in the dress shirt looks like Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots¿


  31. I once saw in triple d a place that dipped the Philly cheesesteak in aju sauce o.o

  32. wow this easy to make. Very good!

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