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Tofu and Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce : Authentic Chinese Stir Fry Cooking .

Retired Chief Cook Fai , teach you , how to make this very Healthy dish. Practically like food for vegetarian. Easy to make, economical too, but super delicious. Over hot steamed white rice ? perfect ! ( for your lunch box? perfect )


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  1. can i fry the tofu instead of raw?

  2. That is wonderful video

  3. I did not get to make this dish last night as planned but tonight instead. We all loved it. Chinese restaurant grade. The sauce was shiney and super tasty. I did not have canned mushrooms, so I broiled my own. We had sweet rice to accompany it. Thanks a tonne for sharing such a tasty dish. Trust me, I'll be making this one again.

  4. I am looking forward to preparing this dish tonight.  Thank you.

  5. thank you so much, God bless you more

  6. I will pay good money to you if you teach me how to make stringy vegetarian seitan chicken like they make in Buddhist restaurant or if you teach me the REALLY spongey eggless cake . You may contact me @ [email protected]

  7. that kind of food that i love to cook & eat.I'm starting to look& buy that kind of rice cooking wine and light soy sauce stuff. ;)

  8. im a vegan but we grow mushrooms and these canned ones look like bleh

  9. I just want to hug you… Thank you <3

  10. If i wanted to prepare this for a vegetarian in my family, I couldn´t use chicken stock. Is there a a good substitute, even if the final result won´t taste as good as with chicken stock ?

    Thanks for sharing !

  11. not just Happy Wok but also Happy Tummy.. thanks for sharing your recipes..

  12. ive follow ur recipe. its easy & my hubby luv it ! me too. yummy. tks for de awesome video !

  13. Can you suggest a substitute for green peas? I don't eat green peas. thanks

  14. Where can I find an authentic wok?

  15. I have to stop watching your amazing videos in the evening or else I'll eat my PC monitor.

  16. Thank you for this amazing recipe. I just cooked it for the vegetarian version. I love the ginger fragant so much. I think my dish is even better than the one in restaurants. :)

  17. Happy happy wok!!!!! Love the dishes. Such authentic and simple recipes!!! Miss home in Hong Kong. Thank you Happy Wok!

  18. I tried this receipt a few times and truly love this. I also tried your other receipts and all are so good. I really thank you for showing us how to make delicious Chinese foods.

  19. Thanks for sharing your expertise, love Chinese food but don't know how to cook it. Now I know a bit of it :-)

  20. this looks delicious! have to try it!

  21. I am soooo cooking this! I sub in your channel…planning to buy a wok too, instead of using frying pan.

  22. Hi I want to know 1 pound is how many grams or kg? And how to butt firm tofu? Will the packaging on the outside say it's firm? And is tau kwa the same as firm tofu or different?

  23. its much better if the tufo is fried

  24. hello sir can i fry tofu first? i like it more fried than soft and i think its much more east to mix? thank you love your recipes

  25. ine question,is hoisin sauce the same as chinese 5 spices

  26. i use corn flour cause thsts what i know for thickening liquid s

  27. What is the difference in using tapioca starch, corn starch, and potato starch? I have always wanted to know….. Thanks :)

  28. this looks sooo good! you really make me want to try tofu lol I love how you make your videos so easy to understand! thanks for posting!

  29. most efficient and enticing cooking channel on youtube. thanks HW

  30. there's so many type of mushroom happy wok..sometimes I'm confused which one they will like the most..

  31. Great recipe 🙂 . Can i use dried mushroom instead of canned?? 

  32. Looks so yummy i will try this soon :)

  33. can it be done only with mushrooms n peas only sir?

  34. What are the measurements?

  35. Another good recipe. I haven't had Tofu in a very long time. Thank you. If you want to make up a playlist of your videos here is an instructional.


  36. I love your videos! Quick, easy, and very authentic! I was a vegetarian but recently start adding chicken into my diet and your videos helped me out a alot. I would like to see more meatless meals though. Maybe some veggie stir fry or curry? Ouuu and pea shoots!! I can never get that right. I'm not afraid to cook meat anymore and they turn out great bc of u. Thank you! 

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