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Traditional Punjabi food- Panjiri recipe, Wheat Flour Snack recipe

Calorie filled recipe for Wheat flour snack called Panjiri in Punjabi is a traditional food good for Pregnant ladies and lactating new moms. It is said that it helps labour and delivery and is good to eat during cold winter months as well. Panjiri is also called Dabra or sudola in regional dialects.


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  1. Good video, but I expected u pronouncing Punjabi ingredient's names in Punjabi accent n spellings not in Hindi…

  2. Tusi Kamar-kass pani taan bhull ii gae, maan di pith lai zroori hundi ai bacche ton baad. U forgot to add "kamar-kass" for post delivery mothers for their weak back

  3. You can use either whole or broken and add them along with magaz..!

  4. Pleas can u tell me at what stage we add makhane and which form? Is it whole fry or broken form?

  5. yea but only little..the nature of this dish is warm/hot so you have to be very careful in its consumption.

  6. can we eat this during first timester pregnecy..

  7. It certainly can be. You can try it with chickpea flour too!

  8. Hello, can the wheat flour be substituted with gluten free flours, like rice flour? Thanks

  9. It can but be careful about addition of ghee in it and eat in small quantities..

  10. can this be eaten during pregnancy? early-mid pregnancy?

  11. I doesn't look good. will try though..

  12. The video ended abruptly. Can you please edit? Thx

  13. Hey Aditi, Can you please make a nice mutton/lamb biryani video. Thanks!

  14. There's only half of the video where's the rest 🙁

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