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Vegetable Bean Patties recipe / Homemade Veggie Burgers recipe

How to make veggie bean patties using three kind of beans. These are a great source of protein and you can prepare them in advance for weekday dinners. Watch the video to learn how to make Indian style veg burgers at home.


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  1. Not to mention so much more healthier than the store bought versions.

  2. She said if u don't like"HEAT" instead of "HOT/SPICY" lol I like how yall talk,do yall notice? 13Love

  3. @TroysKitchen Thanks for your support Troy 🙂

  4. @amalialovesicecream I bought these beans in bulk and then boiled them. Canned can be used as well. Can't use Raw beans. would be too hard to grind then and don't think they'll simply cook on pan then..

  5. Thanx. Just in time for pre-Christmas fast!! Are the beans canned or raw?

  6. @vj0509 Oh you are very welcome. Enjoy!

  7. yummy! was looking for this recipe.. thanks!:)

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