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Veggie Rolls Recipe / Vegetable Filled Healthy Flavorful Snacks | Snack ON!

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Here’s one delightful one for you ~ Veggie Rolls or Veg Buns or Veggie Curry Rolls or Veg Bun Chop. Anything you call it, these healthy guys are pretty delish. Have it in breakfast or dinner, – Soft Bun, flavorful filling, cheesy yet sweet & spicy, good to go anytime! Inspired from the in-house bakeries of indian super markets, these ones are just not stoppable. Oh hey, this is no-onion no garlic as well 🙂 Have a go at the recipes!

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  1. Heee yaman i like your reciepies, but i want to know how to make burger please post it

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    you are really awesome

  3. you make a cooking method in so easy way I will appreciate u

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  6. Hi yaman your recipes are super!!!!would like to see some kids lunch box recipes !!!!!!

  7. looks soo yummy…..m gng to try it definately…😃

  8. you should merge two websites together. I kept searching for one recipe details in your first website which is actually in your latest website. However good job. proud of you

  9. Looks delicious! Will definitely give it a try. 😃

  10. Really nice recipe, will give it a try!

  11. Wow! your video making skills have become so good! well done :)

  12. please show the recipe "hot dog bun" at home

  13. You are genius dude.. Tried your paneer butter masala Dhaba style.. Loved it… Thank you for sharing

  14. Hello little chef I tried your Pav bun it came out very well👌👌👌 .million thanks chef😊😊😊

  15. Wow our little chef super😊😊👍 but bit worried because no non veg recipes 😒

  16. hi yaman , the recipe is amazing ! . we have opened a new YouTube channel in which we teach tasty dieat and non diet recipes . I would love it if we could collaborate one day !

  17. Hey yaman pls add more videos your videos r amazing m fan of urs

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  20. You really need background music!

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  23. Hi
    Can you please tell me which element should be heated while baking cake cookies bread etc top ,bottom,or both?

    One more question how can I store sponge cake if I want to do icing next day?
    Upper layer of cake always becomes sticky and wet when I keep it in refrigerator

  24. All your recipes are super :)

  25. It's so good to see you…why don't you come on a regular basis?

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  31. can't wait to dig in…yummm

  32. did u loose weight??? looking so smart :-D

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  34. don't u eat what you cook??? you have lost so much weight!!! some healthy recipes plzz

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  36. garlicbread sticks in microwave !!

    plzz 😣

  37. Yaman you are so cute 🙂 thanks a lot for this great recipe. But you didn't taste it at the end?

  38. yaman ur cooking skills are great but u shoud prepare a script before making videos this will also improve the language quality as well

    once again you can become great chef

  39. great job mashallah

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