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What is Authentic Chinese Food

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Warning: Muge and Cecilia do not intend to hurt any feelings. We are proud supporters of General Tso Chicken, at certain times. The “authentic” Chinese food shown in the videos are not daily staples of normal Chinese people. We showed them because we happened to find them while eating with friends (who kindly treated us).

Many of you probably have watched the music video “Chinese Food” by Alison Gold. We all know it’s not true about real Chinese food and China – you will never ever find Chop Suey, General Tso or Fortune Cookies in China. We also testify (Muge, Pan, Cecilia and Ye) have never eaten these food while we were in China.

So it’s time to talk about this huge misrepresentation. We encourage all of you to actively seek more authentic dishes when you order Chinese food in the future! Ask the wait staff questions like: “what would you eat?” or “what do the Chinese customers usually eat?”

Authenticity is a lost concept. Food cultures mix and evolve all the time. Even in China, Sichuan food in Guangdong is altered to cater to Cantonese taste buds, and Cantonese would complain Beijing’s chefs do the Dim Sum wrong. But that’s the fun part of being foodies – constantly exploring and searching for the more authentic, creative, tasty dishes!

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  1. Someone is getting cocky!…..

  2. If she would have done that to me I'd f*** her up

  3. I didn't know Chinese people told other customers what they shouldn't order. This must be a Southern Chinese custom, not around Bejing.

  4. Found this video helpful now I know where I messed up on my date that day when I asked for a fork instead of using chopsticks

  5. Chinese hating on other Chinese, a Chinese dish is a Chinese dish. If people like it and buy it, it's alright.

  6. Fuck Hot Pot!

    Give me chop suey and duck sauce any day!

  7. Jing is pretty hot, does she make any videos on youtube?

  8. Lol the beginning….WTF. The girl just leaves the general tso's guy and joins the hotpot dude. That's kinda rude. ahaha

  9. I looked up this video cuz I did want to comfirm my suspicion that General Tso's Chicken is a USA invention, cuz im from Venezuela and I only discovered it in USA (and found it delicious!)….Venezuelan Chinese food is NOTHING like the Chinese food in USA. An example is: you dont have buffets here, no restaurant serves food with white sticky rice(its ALWAYS fried rice with lots of diffent pieces of meat), I've heard that we Venezuelans use a lot more sauce than 'real Chinese food'..AND when you order takeout, you get these tall breads baked together that I've neeeever seen anywhere else in the world, but in Venezuela, its like a CRIME if you dont get your little 'Chinese bread' with your meal hahaha 🙂 

  10. My favorite favourite food is sweet and sour pork i would most likely pick that over the traditional food i eat everyday

  11. Good job, need more videos like this!!

  12. u guys ate a lot, good for u.

  13. Interesting video. Great facts. I really thought general tso' s chicken was a dish honoring an actual general. I was thinking like"man this guy must have kicked ass for china","no wonder they named a good dish after him". I'm so lmao-ing right now. Guess you learn something new every day. Nice video. Yall look really cute by the way. 

  14. no way!!! im from Urmuqi tooooo

  15. The peking duck girl talks like a moron.

  16. Gujob! The beset episode I've seen so far

  17. Hot pot sucks, js. The only hot, boiling, traditional concoction I like is hundun/huntun/wonton.

  18. Urmuchi?!!!me too! and i also can cook "giant plate of chicken" by myself. come to LALA land I will cook it for you!

  19. I love Chinese food while I was still in junior high school. I think it would be really interesting to know more about Chinese food. Thanks

  20. although the name of General Tso's chicken is invented by a chef and not known in China mainland, the made method of this dish is pretty basic and popular in Chinese cuisine. So I think General Tso's chicken can be seen as a real authentic Chinese dish. and I myself prefer alison-gold type of food more than Beijing duck and cantonese cuisine. 
    btw, I m Chinese, from the central part of China.

  21. First scenario is soooo true XD I die every time my American friends order those dishes and be like " this is really good". 

  22. I'm a Black American, and at our Chinese spots in the country they know what I want before I get it, yes they recognize me and yes I probably bet alot of black people order the same as me I get it, BUT Chinese people, is it bad that I order the same thing every time Shrimp Fried rice with Chicken wings and a Sweet Iced Tea lol, should I try something else, or should I stick to whats probably cooked the most? I have no idea what an egg roll tastes like, if it isn't scrambled I haven't eatened another egg. And at my Chinese spot sporks are up front I havent seen a chopstick(unless u have to ask for them or order something different)

    Edit: I just read the description and my question was partially answered ha and kinda feel dumb cause shrimp fried rice and chicken wings isn't Chinese food at all, they just have their own flavor. Doh Very informative.

  23. The little drama is so funny, especially the two american guy~~

  24. Just wondering when these girls came to America? At what age….

  25. The history of General Tso's chicken can be found at Wikipedia's_chicken. 

  26. Best video to explain what authentic Chinese food is.

  27. I am from Xinjiang as well! This video is awesome! I shall have my American friends watch this:)

  28. Tastes good, but doesn't really represent Chinese food. Sort of like KFC and Pizza Hut in China is way different than the US versions of those lol.

  29. Omg, I'm from Urumqi too! And I love 大盘鸡!我明年回去一个餐就是大盘鸡和皮带面。还有抓饭!

  30. Keep up the good work! I graduate in UW back in 07' lots of great memories. I remember we drive to Chicago for a day to eat Cantonese Dim Sum (Yum Cha), and see how American react to those food, haha

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